Our Story

myPTA was born out of curiosity with a healthy dose of enthusiasm and an overdose of passion.  

The story is a short one turned long: in desperate times, one PTA Chair could not find a platform to help ease her burden as a single, full-time working mum…

… so she created one.  And it’s now being made available for all other PTAs to use and enjoy. 

Join us to grow your community and to run your PTA in a more environmentally friendly way. We want to bring PTA activity in line with the times we live in, and myPTA does just that!

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We believe that every child deserves a fully resourced and fun educational experience. Our primary purpose is therefore to help PTAs achieve this purpose.



We are transparent about our prices. No set up fees! No Platform fees! No commission!



myPTA has it all covered! Once you set up your school’s App, sit back and watch your community grow!



Communicate. Collaborate. Donate. Fundraise.

The myPTA team

Nazia Anwar, myPTA founder

Nazia Anwar

Founder @myPTA

My passion only grew as my son entered the school system and I saw how much the early education system matters for future learning. 

I saw how much PTAs were doing to bring a more complete educational experience to their community through the fundraising and community building initiatives.

This, along with my passion for technology in learning, has without surprise led me to where I am today with myPTA.  A product I never set out to create or to have available for others to use.  My aims with it are simple: to offer a complete, engaging and easy to use platform so all PTAs can ease their load and increase fundraising at the same time.

“Today’s PTA processes don’t recognise today’s parenting challenges – so I created myPTA, to harmonise it all.”

Ludovica Quaranta, graphic & web designerdesigner

Ludovica Quaranta

Graphic & Web designer @ myPTA

social enterprises and charities and I value the opportunities to combine my technical skills with my artistic mind.

As a passion, I am also involved in supporting children’s learning of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) – in particular robotics, coding, graphic design, climate science and environmentalism, as a tutor in after-school clubs and community spaces.

Restyling the visual identity of MyPTA and designing its website and marketing materials combined both my passion for graphic design and children’s education so I was very excited to get on board with Nazia’s team

“I am happy to bring my skills into innovative and meaningful projects where we share common values and we can grow together.”

Polly Peart

Polly Peart

Social Media Manager & Marketing Support @ myPTA

for state schools, and I quickly became involved in the PTA at the school. I’m now Chair, which is a role I’m hugely passionate about. I have the pleasure of working alongside parents and carers in the school community who share my passion and drive to raise money to make up for the shortfall in government funding. We work together to plan wonderful events to enhance the lives and experiences of the children who attend the school.

As a freelance Social Media Manager, when I saw that myPTA were looking for someone to implement their digital marketing, I jumped at the chance to work with Nazia and the team. myPTA offers a simple but effective solution for school PTAs who are overwhelmed with the planning and delivery of events throughout the school year.

“I believe that school communities can come together to create an exciting and memorable school experience for the children of today. If there is one way to do this whilst minimising the overwhelm of running a PTA, then the myPTA app is it!”