Action 5. Activating Parent Access

Once parents start downloading and registering on the App, you will see their joining requests in your Admin Panel.  Remember, your school’s App should only be for your school’s parent community.  Therefore we have added a security measure which means you will need to manually grant access to parents you know are parent of your community, by following the steps below.

Log into the Admin Panel as shown in Action 1

You should see a screen similar to this, your Home screen:

Home screen seen by the school

On the left, you will see a list of all the features that you can set up for your parent community to use. In line with GDPR, you will not have access to the chat feature via the Admin Panel.

Click on ‘Users’ from the menu on the left.

You will see a screen similar to this depending on how many users you have and how many you activated or not:

To activate users, swipe the white button under ‘status’ to move it from ‘inactive’ to ‘active’.  This can be reversed- if you want to deactivate a user’s access, you can always move this back from ‘active’ to ‘inactive’.


Note: parents will not be able to access the App unless you activate their use. 


You can also delete users by clicking on the bin icon under ‘Action’.

Please note, before deleting you should also deactivate user access for added security.

When would you need to delete users?

As parents leave the school, it’s advised that you deactivate access and delete their accounts to keep your App available to current parents only.  This adds security.  It also means that you won’t have an endless list of parents to sift through.  However, you should ensure any invoices are downloaded and saved elsewhere for the required period of time.