The app has 3 elements: 

  • The app itself for parents to download and use
  • The admin panel which is used to create & mange content by PTAs for their school community
  • The payment processing systems: Stripe, Apple Pay or Google Pay

myPTA has created the App for others to use.  In a way, you can consider this a shell of coding, within which, your PTA can add their own unique content.  This content is added through the Admin Panel that your PTA has exclusive access for for your school.

Upon registration, you will be sent an automatically generated email with your user credential for your PTA.  These will be sent to the email used at the time of registration and will only be available to the person/people monitoring that email address.

myPTA does not have access to these credentials and if needed, your password can be reset via an automated process, using the same email address.

myPTA does not have access to your PTA’s Admin Panel.

No.  Your App is exclusive to your school and managed by your PTA team.  Each school has an individual myPTA app within which they can create and share content specific for your school community only.

Currently, you can do the following within the App:

  • Promote and sell events
  • Issuing of e-tickets
  • Create your own online shop 
  • Receiving donations for school projects
  • Support external charities and worthwhile causes
  • Advertise local & parent businesses – your PTA will receive 100% of the income generated
  • A news board where you can announce school-wide messages and updates

Yes.  For any events that parents book, they will be able to download an e-ticket to their phone or take a screenshot of their e-ticket.

Parents will also receive notifications of their purchases and bookings to their App

You would have sufficient space for the logo and a little extra information.  The company’s phone number as will as a direct link to their website will also be included. 

myPTA is passionate about providing all children with the best school experience possible.  As such, we have created the Ad Board feature to enable your PTA and as a result, your school, to generate further revenue.

100% of the revenue from adverts placed on your App will go to your school’s PTA. myPTA will not take a commission from this.

This is for your PTA to determine with the businesses they contact.  This is something that cannot be paid for via the App and so your PTA may wish to invoice businesses directly and request bank transfer before making the Ad’s live.

You can access our Terms & Conditions on our website by clicking on ‘Terms & Conditions.’  You can also access these via your Profile on the App.

You first need to download the App from either the App Store on Apple or Google Play.  You can access links to the App form the Home page of our website.

Once downloaded, you will need to read and accept the Terms & Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy and check a box to confirm you agree with these.

Following that, you can register using an email address and an 8 string password including at least one letter, number & special character.

Alternatively, you can register using your Apple or Google account or your Facebook account.

You will then need to select your school from the list.  If your school/PTA has not registered to use myPTA, you will not be able to register as a user.

Once confirmed, you will be sent a unique code if registering by email to enter in the App.

After this, you will need to wait for your PTA to approve access.  This can take between 1-48 hours, but is at the discretion of your PTA so please contact them in the first instance. 

Once approved, you twill receive notification and you can then access and use the features of the App.

No.  One email address can only be registered once.

You can delete your account directly from the App by selecting ‘Delete Account’ from your Profile screen.

You can also email myPTA and request for deletion at the following address:


Once your account is deleted, the information will not be retrievable.  Should you wish to to use the App in future, you will have to re-register.

Your school/PTA should inform myPTA at the email below, that they no longer wish to use the service.  If requested, their account can be deleted and all data removed, or, the account can be made inactive in case it is needed at a later date.


You can reset your password by selecting ‘Change Password’ from your profile in the App.

myPTA uses Google analytics to monitor activity on our website and the App.  This activity is anonymised so we are not provided with details of individual users within individual schools.

Your PTA team will do this.  It is only people with access to your school’s Admin Panel, that can grant you access.  Please contact a member of your PTA team if you have not been given access.

Your child’s details are kept out of public view and are only for use of your app administrators, this is your PTA.

The app will store your login details to allow you access as well as any records of any items you book or purchase.  At the time of booking or purchasing, you will be asked for your Child’s name and Class name as a reference for your PTA to enable them to process your order.

No. We are an ethical organisation with the primary aim of enabling your PTA to engage its community more.  We believe that all child should have the best school experience possible.  Although selling data is one way some businesses increase revenue, myPTA does not sell your data.

myPTA also only asks for minimal information upon registration (name and email address) and minimal information for bookings & purchases (child’s name & class).  These are essential to providing you with the service we offer.

You can access our Privacy Policy on our website by clicking on ‘Privacy Policy.’  You can also access this via your Profile on the App.

You can pay by any of the following methods:

  • Credit or debit card using Stripe (further details about Stripe can be found here: https://stripe.com/gb) Apple and Google Pay also use Stripe as their payment processing system
  • Apple Pay if you have this feature activated on your Apple Smartphone
  • Google Pay if you have this feature activated on your Andriod Smartphone
  • Other method: if you select this option, your payment will be made in a way that does not involve the App.  E.g. bank transfer, cash payment or other as agreed with your PTA

We use a third party payment processor as described above, therefore no payment details are stored in either the App or the Admin Panel for your school’s App which is administered by your PTA. 

Payments made via Stripe, including Apple and Google Pay, will be recorded in Stripe and will show minimal information.  The following details are visible to your school’s PTA administration team:

  • Your App username
  • Your registered email address
  • And the last 4 digits only of the card you used to make the payment

No other detail is accessible by anyone.You can view Stripe’s Privacy Policy here: https://stripe.com/gb/privacy

Stripe provides detailed analytics in the form of graphs and reports that can be exported.  Information in this format is anonymised.

Stripe will also offer a linear list of payments along with the date that the payment was made.

the email of the registered user; the amount paid.

The payment status will also be shown e.g. ‘successful’, ‘incomplete’ or ‘failed.’

In addition, you can also download CSV file from the Admin Panel showing details of purchases and cross-check against the Stripe record.

If you are a registered user but have not made any purchases or bookings, the following can be seen by your PTA team on the Admin Panel:
Name and email address used at registration

If you have made a purchase or booking, against this, your PTA team will also be able to see:The date of the purchase/booking

  • The item purchased/booked
  • Your child’s name and class
  • Number purchased 
  • Payment status

You can set this up via Stripe e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and so on, to suit your PTAs needs.

myPTA is currently being offered on a free basis.

In order to use Google and Apple Pay, there will be Stripe charges, paid directly to Stripe.

More details on the Stripe charges, can be found here:


Stripe analytics will be available as mentioned above, and you will also be able to export a CSV file from the Admin Panel summarising purchases for a single event or item sold, for example.


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