Action 3. Setting up your Stripe Account

Step 1:

Visit Stripe

Step 2: 

Sign up to Stripe, using your PTA email and follow the instructions to verify your email

Once verified, you can sign in to your Stripe account using your email and password.  The first time you do so, you will need to set up your account so that you can receive payments through Stripe to your PTA/school bank account. 

If you wish to receive bank transfers and/or cash instead, these are options parents can select when checking out in the App, but for the App to be set up, a Stripe account is needed.

Step 3: 

Sign into your new Stripe account.  

From the Home page, you will see ‘Activate payments on your account’ in the top left corner, as shown below:

Activate payments on your account’

Click on ‘Activate Payments’

You will need to add ‘Business Details’ even if you are not for profit.  To do so, you will need to work through the different sections of this form:

Business Details

In place of business details, you should add your PTA information.  As a registered charity, you should also enter your charity number instead of a business number.


In the case that you do not have a business/charity number, you can select ‘unincorporated organization’ and enter 00000s in the number field.

Later, you will be asked to upload a document confirming your organisation name and details of its nature. A PTA bank statement will suffice here, or a charter, constitution or organisation rules etc.  

For support with the completion of your Stripe account, you can contact Stripe directly via the website.  For help with setting up your myPTA App, you can also contact us by email: or by scheduling an online meeting via our website:

Business Representative

You may be asked for details of a person when activating your account. This may be the treasurer’s details.  If these details need to be changed in future, you should contact Stripe directly through the website to do so.

Stripe Fees

Although myPTA does not have a platform fee and does not take a commission on any payments made through the App, Stripe does have a fee payable on transactions. More details can be found here.

Stripe does however offer reduced fees for non-profit organisations and you can find out more details here.

You will need to contact Stripe directly to arrange this.

Step 4:

Once your account has been setup, you will need to enter your Stripe keys to the myPTA web App to ensure payments are sent to you.  Please be reminded, none of your Stripe details will be transferred to myPTA in line with Data Protection and Security.  Please see the Stripe Privacy Policy  and Terms of Service for more information.


To locate your Stripe keys, log into Stripe and search for API keys in the search field. You should see this screen:

Api Keys

You will need to enter both your publishable key and secret key in your myPTA Web App, by clicking on your icon in the top right and  as shown below:

Api Keys on your profile

Once these have been entered, click on ‘Save Changes’.  You can start adding your content e.g. events, shop items, donations and so on.  Please see Action 4 for details on how to do this.