We offer an effortless, time-saving and engaging fundraising & community building
experience that takes the friction out of communication and collaboration.


We stand out because we take the noise away and offer you a simple, seamless,
engaging and affordable solution.

Features & functions of myPTA

We are great at understanding the challenges of parent teacher associations and passionate about providing solutions to help you achieve your purpose.

myPTA is designed to make your community building and fundraising journey effortless and rewarding. 

We recognise the challenges of busy parenting lifestyles and the burden on school staff, so we’re making things simpler. 

Whether you are leading the association, volunteering or simply supporting your PTA through engagement, our purpose is to help you achieve your purpose.

What will it cost you?

We are currently offering a limited number of schools
the chance to trial the App absolutely free.

Schools who are approved for the free trial, will also be
offered a heavily subsidized no obligation, annual
subscription upon registration.

Contact us now to find out more.

How we stand out

myPTA is your space which you can customise to build and share your story with your community .

Social & Environmental Impact

myPTA is committed to creating a better future for all children. Fundraising through PTAs goes a long way in enhancing the educational experience for children.

We want you to also help create a better world by leading a more ethical and sustainable PTA.

Help us to create a better world by choosing