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We offer an effortless, time-saving and engaging fundraising & community building experience that takes the friction out of communication and collaboration.

We stand out because we take the noise away and offer you a simple, seamless, engaging and affordable solution.

Features & functions of myPTA

Share and Sell Events

Event Promotion
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Receive & Send Messages

Private Group & 1-2-1

Recieve funds to your PTA account


List & Sell Merchandise

Online Shop

Generate Revenue from Advertising

Generate Revenue
from Advertising

Donate to Worthwhile Causes

Collections & 

News Board

And more to come…

And more
to come…

We are great at understanding the challenges of parent teacher associations and passionate about providing solutions to help you achieve your purpose.


myPTA is designed to make your community building and fundraising journey effortless and rewarding.

We recognise the challenges of busy parenting lifestyles and the burden on school staff, so we’re making things simpler.

Whether you are leading the association, volunteering or simply supporting your PTA through engagement, our purpose is to help you achieve your purpose.

How we stand out

How we stand out

What will it cost you?

We understand the challenges that schools are currently facing with funding and for that reason the myPTA app is now free.

What are we doing to save our planet?

myPTA is committed to creating a better world socially and environmentally so all children can thrive now, and in the future.  And so we made the decision to join



We need more trees!

The best way to tackle the climate crisis is to keep temperatures from rising above 1.5C.  For that, we need more trees! Trees are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse.  

When a new school registers to use myPTA, we will plant and attribute 25 trees to them.  When a new parent joins your myPTA app, we will plant another.  When you start fundraising through the App, we will plant even more trees in your honour.


Carbon avoidance is the way forward!

We are supporting a range of projects that they reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.  These projects inevitably help local communities and nature as well as actively reducing carbon emissions.  

As your myPTA community grows and you start to fundraise via the App, we will fund a project in your school’s honour.  As you use the App more, we will fund even more projects.


Visit our interactive forest here and find out more about the climate crisis here.


Social & Environmental Impact